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Special review of the second anniversary


Since ancient times, the dream of flying has been lingering in the hearts of every Chinese.

After years of striving, the Chinese people finally witnessed the birth of the Republic in the middle of the 20th century.

Since then, Chinese dreams fly upon the milky way.

Chang'e dances up on the moon. Wuhus spirit also shines from the sky. Dongfanghong-1 dives into the space. The Long March launch vehicle demonstrates its strength. Shenzhou Spaceship is a dream come true for manned spaceflight in China. While the lunar exploration project turns a new page for aerospace field.

Rockets across the sky, the glory and pride belong to all Chinese people.

In 2019, with an extraordinary rocket launch, China's commercial aerospace industry has entered a new stage of development.

In 2020, Galactic Energy, which has been established for two years, is walking with a rapid pace at the tide of the time. 

This group of people from the "national team" have always cherished the dream of the space. In just two years, they have learned from and surpassed the world's advanced level. Under the guidance of the development strategy of " solid and liquid", Galactic Energy have made great achievement in solid and liquid carrier rockets and written its own chapter of pride.

At the beginning of the third decade of the 21st century, the two-year-old Galactic Energy has something special to tell you.


CERES-1 is ready for soaring into the sky.

Solid propellant launch vehicle, CERES-1.

The first solid rocket developed by Galactic Energy is about to be completed. It only took a little more than two years. Its first flight’s countdown has begun.

This time, Galactic Energy set the fastest record for a private rocket company to independently develop a solid rocket with its expertise.

First flight: First half of 2020

PALLAS-1 carries our dream and aims for the stars.

Liquid propellant launch vehicle, PALLAS-1.

People in aerospace industry set their eyes on the present, but also on the future. 

While advancing the development of solid rockets and keeping the pace at the forefront of the industry,

Galactic Energy is also taking the lead in the development of liquid rockets and paving its own way.

With the unremitting efforts of Galactic Energy, the Chinese version of the "Merlin" engine has completed its thermal test run of the gas generator.

Next, PALLAS-1will carry the mission to make the breakthrough as representative for a new generation of reusable liquid carrier rockets.

We are fearless for winter and always keep faith in the future.

Capital winter is a false proposition for high-tech companies.

Because of our successful experience in the development of solid and liquid rockets, Galactic Energy has attracted the attention of many well-known investment institutions.

Since its establishment two years ago, Galactic Energy has completed a total of nearly 300 million yuan in financing, becoming a blooming flower of hope in the winter.

With a good reputation, we make appointment with the galaxy.

During the two years since our establishment, Galactic Energy has attracted attention and favor of professional organizations in and outside the industry.

In terms of professional awards and technical certifications, Galactic Energy has gained a lot.

Two years have gone in a blink.

As an important participant in Chinese aerospace industry, Galactic Energy has embarked on a promising path with a steady pace.

A wonderful melody for the stars has been composed by Galactic Energy.

We have every reason to believe that in the unfolding commercial aerospace industry, where the development of private enterprises is strongly supported by the country’s policy, Galactic Energy, which has core technological advantages and international competitiveness, will gain respect with solid actions. We will contribute the glory to all Chinese in this filed.


In the end:

Today, at such a special moment as the second anniversary of our establishment,

we pray for people in Wuhan epidemic area with deepest care and love.

We believe that

Love can break any constraint.

Galactic Energy will always be with people in Wuhan.

Wuhan, stay strong! China, stay strong!

Unified with a single will, we will definitely see the spring flowers blossoming!





    Across the land and sea, Galactic Energy successfully completed the first sea launch in China's private commercial aerospace field



    Eight in a row! Galactic Energy successfully delivered Jilin 1 Wide 02A into scheduled orbit