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Build the next-generation of commercial launch vehicles

We believe that in the near future, everyone on the planet will enjoy the convenience brought by space resources. Narrow-band Internet of Things improves resource utilization and productivity, as well as the relationship between people and the nature. Broadband Internet connects the world more closely, deepening the connection between people. Galactic Energy is committed to providing low-cost, high-frequency access solutions to human and generating power for space round-trip, transportation and resource exploration to make space resources part of our life.



Key Products & Services


Launch service for CERES-1 solid propellant launch vehicle

Launch service for PALLAS-1 liquid propellant launch vehicle

Light Year series solid propellant engine

Welkin series liquid propellant engine

Edge series attitude and orbital control system

Video Introduction of Galactic Energy
CERES-1 Maiden Flight Documentary





At present, Galactic Energy's research and development team has a total of more than 100 employees, including 8 doctors and 20 masters. 90% of the staff have more than 5 years' working experience in spaceflight industry with solid theoretical foundation and rich engineering experience.
Moreover, according to the needs of launch vehicle development, Galactic Energy also invites the experts in rocket integration, pneumatic, attitude control, engine, structure, policy, launch site, security and other aspects of the industry as our advisers. In addition, Galactic Energy also has a professional management and scientific research support team to ensure the whole process of rocket research, development, supply chain , support chain to be in a smooth operation condition.




  • 11/2022

    Achieved forth straight wins of Ceres-1

  • 08/2022

    Galactic Energy has achieved three straight wins of Ceres-1

  • 12/2021

    Ceres-1 achieved consecutive success and became the first breakthrough in the commercial launch of multiple satellites with one rocket

  • 11/2020

    The maiden flight of  Ceres-1 was a complete success

  • 09/2020

    Secured A round financing

  • 02/ 2020

    Welkin 40-ton liquid oxygen/kerosene engine large range variable condition turbine pump delivery completed

  • 12/ 2019

    Certificated as National High-tech Enterprise

  • 10/ 2019

    Secured A+ series founding

  • 07/ 2019

    Successfully accomplished  the firing test of  CERES-1's three in one test

  • 07/ 2019

    Successfully accomplished  the firing test of  liquid rocket PALLAS-1 main engine gas generator.

  • 07/ 2019

    The three-in-one test scheme got approved by specialist group.

  • 04/ 2019

    Successfully accomplished  the firing test of solid rocket CERES-1 200N orbital and attitude control engine.

  • 01/ 2019

    Secured Pre-A round financing

  • 01/ 2019

    Successfully accomplished  the firing test of solid rocket CERES-1 25N upper stage attitude control engine.

  • 12/ 2018

    Announcement of PALLAS-1, reusable liquid oxygen/kerosene engine  program internal approved.

  • 12/ 2018

    Approved to be as New and High-Tech enterprises by Zhongguancun.

  • 11/ 2018

    Successfully accomplished  the firing test of solid rocket CERES-1 first stage engine.

  • 10/ 2018

    Successfully accomplished  the firing test of solid rocket CERES-1 200N upper stage attitude control engine

  • 09/ 2018

    CERES-1 first stage engine manufacturer accomplished.

  • 05/ 2018

    CERES-1 first stage engine design accomplished.

  • 03/ 2018

    Secured angel investment.

  • 02/ 2018

    Incorporation of Galactic Energy, CERES-1 and PALLAS-1 development plan released.




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