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Galactic Energy successfully completed a series of static and separation tests on the large-diameter fairing of Ceres-1 carrier rocket


Ceres I is a light commercial launch vehicle independently developed byGalactic Energy Space. It has successfully launched six commercial satellites from five satellite customers into orbit, creating a number of firsts for private rocket launches in China.

According to the planning in order to further meet the demand of customer load large size satellite satellite launch, Galactic Energy space  in Ceres 1 (Y2) to upgrade the fairing on a carrier rocket continued on the basis of the work, the upgraded fairing increases to 1.6 m in diameter, length increases to 5.2 m, enclosure total space is 8.1 cubic meters, The loading space is further optimized and the comprehensive carrying capacity is improved.

Fairing is an important part of carrier rocket, mainly to protect the satellite and other payloads from aerodynamic, thermal, acoustic and other harsh environment damage. In order to upgrade the fairing, Galactic Energy aerospace has carried out aerodynamic shape optimization, control stability analysis, structural optimization design of the fairing, stiffness strength analysis of the fairing, calculation and simulation of the fairing separation, etc., on the basis of fully inheriting the design of the remote first and second fairing. A series of ground verification tests on fairing static force and separation have been successfully completed recently. The test results are consistent with the predicted data and meet the load-bearing design requirements. Fairing separation works normally throughout the whole process with correct timing and no interference, collision and other phenomena.



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