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The first full system test of Galactic Energy 50-ton liquid oxygen/kerosene engine was a complete success


Recently, the full system test of the "Welkin" 50-ton reusable liquid oxygen/kerosene engine independently developed by Galactic Energy Aerospace has achieved a complete success! This test run is the first system-wide test run of the Welkin engine. The purpose is to verify the timing of engine startup and shutdown, the feasibility of system and structure schemes, and the coordination of various components. During the test run, the engine started according to the predetermined program, ignition, starting and stage transfer are normal, each component works normally, combustion is stable, the nozzle outlet flame is bright, the main parameters are consistent with the adjusted calculation value, shutdown according to the program, the product is complete after the test, the test achieved a complete success. The success of the test marked that the liquid oxygen/kerosene engine with the largest thrust force in China's private commercial aerospace field officially entered the engineering development phase.

The "Welkin" 50-ton reusable liquid oxygen/kerosene engine is the largest thrust liquid oxygen/kerosene engine independently developed by private aerospace industry. It is also the first large-thrust liquid rocket engine in China that adopts the pinch-bolt injection technology. With the capability of variable thrust in depth, it is the best choice for 200-300 ton liquid rocket vertical recovery. In addition to the needle plug injection technology, the multi-reflux vortex ball conical gas generator, coaxial double suction turbopump and multi-function integrated valve adopted by "Welkin" engine are the first domestic and international leading. The success of the test provides strong support for the follow-up development of the "Pallas-1" medium reusable liquid launch vehicle, and also lays a solid foundation for the business model of the company.



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