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Galactic Energy Space Company and Huanhui Technology Company sign a strategic cooperation agreement: Rocket development will fully open the full life cycle of 3D product data in-depth application process.


On December 30, 2021, Galactic Energy Space Company and Beijing Huanhui Technology Co., Ltd. signed a comprehensive strategic cooperation agreement in Beijing.

The signing of this contract is an important milestone for Galactic Energy Space Company to open the development mode of rocket product life cycle management and three-dimensional product data integration, which marking the beginning of Galactic Energy Space Company and Huanhui Technology Company to deepen the application of aerospace digitalization with MBD as a breakthrough.

Galactic Energy Space Company is the first private rocket company in China to achieve the continuous stable successfully launch of rockets, also the first private rocket company with the capability of multi-satellite of one rocket commercial launch services. The ‘CERES’ series commercial carrier rockets developed by the company have taken the lead in the new stage of commercial launch and delivery.

Huanhui Technology Company is the advocate, constituter, and leader of the Chinese standard of three-dimensional product data visualization and documentation. The company promotes the application of "3D product data visualization" to break the western complete monopoly in the field of 3D data interchange and solve the key core problem in the field. The company's independent controllable three-dimensional data compression and conversion and deep application technology provide a strong technical support for the booming mold field in China, which has been favored by high-end manufacturing such as aviation, aerospace, energy, metallurgy and so on.

The cross-industry strategic cooperation between Galactic Energy Space Company and Huanhui Technology Company, under the leadership of Beijing Economic and Technological Development Zone Working and Management Committee, which is the achievement thanks to the positive relation of Yizhuang International Talent Development Group and Yizhuang Talent innovation and entrepreneurship Development Center, also a successful case of industrial integration, factor optimization and cross-border interaction. It is as positive significance and great demonstration value for both sides to integrate the technological advantages accumulated in their respective industries into China's private rocket research and development.

Galactic Energy Space Company will use three-dimensional product data to carry business and data in the process of final assembly, general testing, and commissioning of subsequent rocket products, and further deepen the MBD development mode of rocket research and development. Then as the beginning, from the two dimensions of time and space to open the enterprise depth digitization process. From the perspective of time, the integration of data throughout the product life cycle from design, manufacturing, and assembly to launch, recovery and evaluation can be realized. In the spatial dimension of supply chain, supply chain enterprises scattered all over the country will be deeply digitized and integrated to drive the business integration of supply chain.

In the future, both two companies will actively explore effective ways of technological and industrial cooperation, promote the synergy and integration of technological innovation and knowledge innovation systems, and enhance the comprehensive competitiveness of enterprises. Two companies will work together to facilitate the construction of national standards for three-dimensional product data visualization and multi-scene derivative applications in China.



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