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The matching test of Ceres-1 whole rocket and ground system was fully successful


Recently, Galactic Energy successfully completed the CERES-1 rocket hoisting and erecting test. Hoisting tool and launching site are important parts of launch vehicle's ground equipment, which provide support for rocket transportation, transfer, erection and launch. Therefore, hoisting and erecting test are of great importance in ensuring  its functioning.

This time, we have completed 1 no-load test and 2 full load tests. The successful completion of the test marks that the relevant ground equipment has passed the examination successfully and verifies the correctness, coordination and safety of the system design, interface and workflow. The test lays a solid foundation for successful rocket flight test and launch in the future.




    Galacted Energy is selected into the list of 50 Smart Companies in 《MIT Technology Review》in 2020



    The First Flight of the Ceres-1 Commercial Carrier Rocket into Orbit Was a Complete Success