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The CERES-1 rocket electrical system and the rocket fire test has been successfully completed


Before the end of June, Galactic Energy has successfully completed CERES-1 rocket electrical comprehensive matching test and full-scale firing test. CERES-1s electrical system was successfully delivered to general assemble progress.

The electrical system is an important part of the rocket as well as the nervous system of the rocket. It carries out the key functions of control and measurement system, software and hardware implementation, data acquisition and transmission, and launch test control, etc.

The firing test is a landmark test node of electrical system. Combined with the general inspection of simulated flight, all igniters of all levels of engine ignition, stage separation, fairing separation, satellite and rocket separation and other links in the rocket flight process are ignited according to the sequence logic. It is comprehensively verified that the working sequence, current, action time and other performance parameters of all levels of initiating explosive devices meet the technical requirements of the rocket.

The success of the firing test verified the correctness of the timing design of all levels of initiating explosive devices and the matching of the timing circuit interface.




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