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CERES-1’s advanced upper stage attitude and orbit control system firing test has been successfully completed


Recently, CERES-1’s advanced upper stage attitude and orbit control system firing test has been successfully completed.

The total testing time is 800s, during which 700N, 25N and 2000N engines were fired according to the control program. The 700N completed a total working pulse of 398 times, and its cumulative working time is 117.28s; Such index of 25N engine is 388 and 130.64s respectively . The working time of 2000N engine is 655s and it works normally and the flame is bright. According to the predetermined procedure, the engine was shut down normally. After shutdown, the engine was in good condition. During the test, the date of force, heat and pressure was obtained, which tested and verified the correctness of the design of the power system and the coordination and reliability of the functioning.

The attitude and orbit control system of CERES-1 solid rocket adopts nitrogen constant pressure extrusion type pressurization, and the surface tension tank and cylinder are arranged in parallel. The Mouth type layout scheme is adopted for both 25N and 700N engines. Since the start of its research and development, we have completed the ground firing test of 25N engine, high model firing test of 25N engine, ground hot test of 700n engine, high model hot test of 700n engine, ground firing test of 2000N engine, high model firing test of 2000N engine, cold test of whole system, mechanical environment test of whole system, tank shaking test under whole system state and firing test of whole system. All the tests were successful, and provided solid technical support to the first flight of the CERES-1.




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